Melted Butters

Melted butters

Time for summer!!!!

Summer is coming but that means it is getting hotter. We try to include different strategies to keep our body butter from melting. We try to increase the melting point of our body butters and add extra items into our shipping packages to keep our body butters cool. With this being said we can do as much as we can but we CANNOT guarantee that the body butters will not melt.

To prevent this on your end please stay up to date with the shipping to grab the body butter when it is delivered. Please do not keep these items in the sun, mailboxes, and porches, etc.

If the body butter does melt you can either let it naturally solidify in a cool room or pop it in the refrigerator to cool it down. 

If you would like to re fluff the body butter you could do so with a mixer.

When the body butter is whipped originally air is whipped into the butter to make it fluffy. If it melts and resolidifies it might seem half empty. This is not the case there is just no air when it is in it’s liquid state.